Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jeffrey Epstein Philanthropist

Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein is much more than just an American financier, he is also a philanthropist. He is the Founder and supporter of both the Epstein Foundation and also the Florida Science Foundation. For numerous years, Jeffrey Epstein has financed and supported those causes nearest to his heart, which will leverage his money within the most efficient way for the benefit of all humans on this planet.

1. Education and Advanced Learning
2. Aggressive Scientific and Social Studies
3. Studies in the medical field
4. Economics and Finance
5. Artificial Intelligence and Much more efficient Computers
6. Arts and Music
7. Issues on Jews
8. Athletic Events
9. Gardens
10. Individual Researchers of Merit and Genius.

You are able to visit to view the list of all his previous philanthropy activities.

The financing that both the Epstein Foundation and also the Florida Science Foundation has not been insignificant, and has materially helped numerous seminal researchers, in an otherwise, strapped economy, discover the necessary funding to do critical work for society's benefit.

Of course, no philanthropist, no matter how wealthy, can support all the requirements out there, so it is essential that knowledgeable and well-respected philanthropists like Jeffrey Epstein carefully select those areas that carry the most potential for tractable solutions. Jeffrey Epstein is now collaborating with an anonymous group of advisors, who let him know where those aspects are, which will bear most fruit in science, and the various issues above. However, the final choice will still depend on Jeffrey Epstein thinking about that his intelligent and wise at the same thus making him capable to choose the appropriate area.

Jeffrey Epstein has already given the initial notice of what areas that he will wish to fund for the year 2011 on his philanthropy site. These areas are the following:

Theoretical Physics
Cognitive Neuroscience
Quantum Information Science
Artificial Intelligence
Molecular Biology
Theoretical Mathematics
Medical and Health
Economics and Finances
Scientific Pioneers and Geniuses

1 of the functions of the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation and Florida Science foundation would be to act as a place for discussions on ideas or projects and this is open to the public, the businessmen, other philanthropists, and of course the scientific community.

Those that receive his support are generally researchers, study facilities, and other institutions which are bent on pushing the barriers of knowledge.

The Jeffrey Epstein Foundation and Florida Science Foundation will enable grantees to confidently and systematically assess, analyze and improve their own work. It offers them with a perspective from which they can explore and conceptualize the general principles that underlie their own work, and later spread these insights throughout the citizen sector, in a way that alters the community for the much better.

Even though financing for individual projects are still being reviewed, a new application for a new grant is now being processed on the Jeffrey Epstein Web Portal. Jeffrey Epstein invites you to have an advance look.

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