Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jeffrey Epstein, Famous Financer

Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein is known as a successful financier, but his real passion is for ideas that may open new frontiers of knowledge and greatly assist humans all over the world enhance their lives and health. His never-ending enthusiasm of out-of-this-world ideas always takes him in the leading in the many areas of scientific knowledge. Even though many scientists ponder those great mysteries of the universe, which might never utilize any practical benefits, Jeffrey Epstein is primarily supportive of scientific and technological advances that may prove ultimately beneficial to humanity. Through the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation and the Florida Science Foundation, he has actively and generously supported the following areas of research:

Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Science, that'll ultimately lead to computers considerably more efficient than anything close to what is currently available. These quantum computers are able to perform analysis and calculations of complex and hard problems, beyond the reach of current day supercomputers, that will have enormous ramifications in science, medicine, technology, finance, and the social sciences.

Evolutionary Biology holds promise in advancing our knowledge of the dynamics of infectious diseases and cancer genetics, and also alternative forms of energy. While some people, who are unaware of this issue, are perhaps frightened or threatened by it, and for that reason oppose it, the potential of evolution, especially microevolution , continues to be fundamental to several social improvements in this century, and it promises to be profoundly vital that you biomedical technology within the next generation, specifically in drug development and in biotechnology.

Complexity explains the dynamics of how one adaptive system from its basic processes progresses to its complex arrangement in virtually every feature of a living body. The ascending levels of the hierarchy of complexity demonstrate emergent properties at each level that seem to be non-predictable from the properties of the component parts. A far more comprehensive set of developments of evolution, understanding and adaptation would distinguish one step of one complex ladder to the other. It is a field that Jeffrey Epstein expects to yield enormous practical and intellectual benefits.

Theoretical Physics lies at the very leading edge of the frontiers of knowledge to understand more about and discuss our basic understanding of the subtle, simple, and hidden quantities that lie beneath this tremendous called our universe. Do you know the current opinions, theories, debates, facts, and experiments, currently going on to understand the vast dynamics and structure of the universe, which allowed it to evolve? Will Big Band theory be able to explain of where time would bring us? What exactly are our latest experiments and theories telling us in regards to the elusive dark matter? What do we know and what do we not know? These are typically amongst the simplest of all fundamental queries about who and where we are in the universe.

Cognitive Science if known as the study of the Human Brain is comparable to what Physics development has shaped the modern world on the first half of the twentieth century. In the past forty years, cognitive neuroscience has created many startling discoveries about the most complex of all living tissue - the human brain, and about the human visual system particularly. As Mr. Jeffrey Epstein believes in its experimental and realistic findings influence the humanity based on each and everybody's perception, he consistently supports the studies in subject of science like electrophysiological recordings in animals, the neuropsychological examination of human patients, psychophysics and developmental cognitive psychology.

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