Sunday, December 12, 2010

Edge Member Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey EpsteinJeffrey Epstein is really a member of the EDGE Foundation, which was created in 1988 as an outgrowth of a group known as the Realty group. Its informal by-invite only membership includes a few of the most interesting minds in the world.

The foundation's slogan is about arriving at the edge of the world's knowledge, look for probably the most brilliant minds within the universe, group them together, and let them ask every other questions that they have been asking themselves.

Jeffrey Epstein has, not just been an active member of the Edge, but has also been a supporter of the Edge's intellectual mission by supporting prizes and events.

Jeffrey Epstein is passionate about topics on science and philanthropy. He is known as a wealthy financier, and one of probably the most important and prominent supporters of important funding in science. EDGE gives him the chance to come face to face with other prominent personalities within the world of science who used their knowledge and expertise to push the boundaries of science, make discoveries and then make this known to the public.

Every year the EDGE foundation provides the opportunity for questions to be asked and answered by probably the most knowledgeable members of the foundation. The questions can be easy or sophisticated, but the answers are never simple. Although not everyone contributing is able to produce thoughts that are prescient and insightful, the majority of thinkers who contribute, make EDGE article reading a veritable golden delight of thought, insight, and broad knowledge.

Edge Founder John Brockman is famous for his annual "billionaire" dinners, which he holds alongside the famous TED conferences in Long Beach. Guests can range from Nobel prize winners to the richest financiers, from the inventors to the writers. You might even find yourself convincing with a few of the most well known personalities in science in technology like Bill Gates, Lisa Randall, Jared Cohen, and many more. Let us put it this way, a rumor is going around.

The diversity of all these achievers and thinkers, not only stimulates probably the most fascinating and intense discussions, but also, possible new avenues for business and philanthropy. Jeffrey Epstein met the individuals he chose to support at these dinners.

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