Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Profiles in Sciences: Jeffrey Epstein Supporting The Different Fields of Science

Jeffrey Epstein
The internet site by Jeffrey Epstein known as Profiles in Sciences focus on the accomplishments of breakthrough scientists and achievers who labored so hard in order to further the limitations of knowledge, some them he knew individually and strongly support.

Jeffrey Epstein is fascinated in breakthrough thinkers who are not scared to take the risks and often helps those who come up with original yet outstanding ideas together with those who opt to work on the radical aspect of science. Mr. Epstein has also supported those on the leading edge, who have already accomplished the highest possible scientific recognition by receiving a Nobel Prize.

Jeffrey intends to have an in depth view and comprehension on their works, theories, and plans. He wants to find out about the things that keep these thinkers perplexed, the things that keep them intrigued, and he wants to know where these people think the most daring chances are situated. What is there to discover?

Science is still a distinctly human enterprise of creative mind and thought. It is important to have dialogues with these experts at a degree that is substantive and qualitative. During interviews with these scientists, Jeffrey Epstein ensures that the conversation is not merely a talk of their achievements but is meant to push the boundaries of their own beliefs and everything that matters to them and to the people around them. It is not constantly that Jeffrey agrees with the opinions of his guests, but he allows them to talk about their work. which similar to the way he supports them through his Jeffrey Epstein Foundation.

These individuals must display an exceptional ingenuity and inventiveness in his or her way of work, offering a highly new and verifiable way of thinking, imagining, or doing. The criteria include the subsequent: inventing or delivering a concept that is entirely new, making enhancements with the current field in a astonishing way, or combining two fields in order to come up with an outstanding and one of kind outcome.

Go along with Jeffrey Epstein as he digs deeper into the scientific thoughts and mind processes of these scientists through his interviews by making a conversation that is candid and out of the blue while discussing their answers to the endeavors they took and are about to take on. Jeffrey Epstein along with these scientist will take on the trip to exploring the Big Questions and look for the Big Solutions that often involves the mysteries in the beginning of the universe and the human mind. These are interviews that will discuss not only how we are going about essentially changing our knowing our knowledge of our world, but also how we are using such knowledge to change it for the benefit of humanity.

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